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Note: This is a basic fight, loot, inventory RPG. No magic, no superpowers, no unnecessary stats. Find a gun, kick some butt and survive. If you want a good, simple conflict RPG, this is it.

It's been five month since you've seen sunlight. Your cell is concrete top to bottom with a single barred door and a barred window facing another cell. There are three others, soldiers like you, and they're dying as slowly as you are. All you know is your name, your life and your remaining strength.

For weeks the guards have ignored you. They have provided you with food twice a day and have buried six men, all previous members of your team. They are armed and have never made a mistake. Until today. One of the men faked his death, and the guard was foolish enough to leave the door open when he went to drag him out. He was strangled and his keys and guns were stolen. The prisoner unlocks your cell and speaks theses words:

"We escape this hole today. You can join the three of us and we can shoot our way out, or you can go alone. I will not harm you, but if you come with us, I will give you a gun. So. Strike, or stealth?"

You respond with a single word.
Strike or Stealth:

Age: (between 20 and 30)
Class: (Hand-To-Hand, Soldier, Sniper. More information below)
Bio: (Optional. Two or three sentences will be fine)

Distribute 10 pts between these three stats:
Weapon Skill:

NOTE: Each class holds a bonus.
H2H (hand-to-hand): +5 Speed, Close-range Weapon Skill (knives, pistols, etc)
Soldier: +5 Strength, Medium-range Weapon Skill (rifles, submachine guns, etc)
Sniper: +5 Instinct, Long-range Weapon Skill (sniper rifles, compound bows/crossbows, etc)

The "Weapons Skill" increases your ability to use each weapon. A H2H would have difficulty handling a launcher, while a Soldier would have difficulty throwing a large knife. Your skill will improve over time.


STRIKE: The soldier in front of you nods and hands you a weapon from the guard. "He was carrying an AK-47, a Makarov pistol, and a combat knife. "Which of these can you use best?"

STEALTH: The soldier in front of you nods. "The hallway has only one exit. The guards could be anywhere, and we do not have much time before they come looking for this one. I will give you five minutes. You can take the keys he was carrying."

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