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The Pets of Armor Games Users

Posted Jan 14, '13 at 10:26am



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I have had 3 cats and 3 dogs. I only have 1 dog now. Maybe a picture later...


Posted Jan 16, '13 at 4:28pm



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got a dog named Charlie, he's a (ready,) CavilierKingCharlesSpaniel


Posted Jan 16, '13 at 6:47pm



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I have 9 fish and a turtle. (red-eared slider)
All my fish are goldfish. One looks like this...


Posted Jan 18, '13 at 8:27pm



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I've got a big ol' cat...gray with a white face and paws. Seriously he's the one of the biggest cats I've ever seen. His name is 'Baby' because when I got him as a pet he was the runt of his litter... :-P


Posted Jan 18, '13 at 9:29pm



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I have four cats:

Boomerang - My fat white with orange tint cat.
Jax - My frisky orange kitty.
Lila - My sweet little ragdoll cat that looks like a cat.
Leo - A tux cat that vanishes and re-appears. He's the sweetest and cuddliest.


Posted Jan 21, '13 at 7:48am



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Let me see.

I've had an Olde English Bulldogge:

Died a few years back, I think 09-10. Loved him to death. He was really playful with people, but when it came to dogs.. Oh boy. He almost killed a small dog that entered the backyard once. o.o Male and his name was Ozzy

Google Picture since I can't find any atm on this computer it's probably the best one that resembles him:

I have currently an Imperial Shih Tzu:

She's cute, but I don't really take care of her. Female and name is Lola.

Google pic closest to resembling her:

I've had a Blue-tongued Skink:

Man how I loved this thing. I fed it live crickets and sometimes dog food, ha. I loved it too. I had to move about a year after I had already had it and couldn't take it with me unfortunately. It had a distinct purple color under it's eyes, which was noticeable. It was female and her name was Pancha. xD

A google picture for an example:


Oh boy have I had fish. Well more like my dad, but we had a big salt water fish tank, and my dad would buy various fish. We once had a tiny shark even. Um, we had a Pterois or more known as a lion fish, trigger fish, small eels, etc. There were so many. I even helped maintain the tank and feed the fish sometimes.

I can't really think of any other pets I've had. Don't think I had any others. But I love animals

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