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Hey guys, my name's Chuncster, though people call my Chunc.

I've been an admirer of Armor Games for a few years now, had a profile all this time, however never got truly active on it until... today, really... ^_^

Currently Located in the south of England, doing my A-Levels in Physics, Maths and Computing. Looking to get A's in order to get to uni and get a computer science degree!
Aims in life are to become a successful software engineer, learning computer languages nice and quick, such as C#, C++, VB (mandatory in my first year A level -.-). Currently learning JavaScript to make flash games and get my name known across the gaming community for when i start my job! Looking to become a coder for games, been a passion of mine for a while now.

In real life my name is Jack, I'm a rugby player, kick boxer and *cough* social drinker *cough*.

So yeah, any other questions about anything don't hesitate to ask

Oh, and where i'm planning on making some flash games in the near future I've made myself a free website: , It's just for feedback, i will be posting games i make on there and posting the link to various gaming forums for feedback, once I've optimized the game to everybody's liking i will hopefully release it to Armor Games!

Anyways, hey guys happy to be here, looking forward to getting to know you all


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