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Good Programming Help Website

Posted Jan 4, '13 at 9:40pm



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A good website for game developers who need help is:

Look for the tag for your programming language on the sidebar to find questions others asked. Lots of experts who can answer your questions too.


Posted Jan 11, '13 at 8:42pm



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I personally don't like Stack Exchange. It seems like the vast majority of the time I find going there (as a result of googling my problem) the question is closed with no answer.

I much prefer Daniweb. Newgrounds also has a pretty good Flash/Programming forum.


Posted Jan 12, '13 at 9:51am



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Kongregate's programming forum is also pretty good, I feel like it has the 'advanced' stuff while AG has a lot more 'beginner' stuff. Not all the time though, obviously.

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