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Hands of war 3.

Posted Jan 6, '13 at 1:10pm



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I hope they make another one, but it'd kind of be prolonging the series.
It could be "The Guardians and Phoenix, came together, to face a large threat to Tempor, "The Raanans" a huge military power north of tempor, has attacked a the northern walls of Tempor, a huge military district of Tempor.
The Guardian and Phoenix, were outraged, and turned to you for you superior skills in recovering the "Heartstone".
I dunno, my Idea is pretty bad, and I'm a newbie to the forums...


Posted Jan 8, '13 at 9:26pm



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Already being developed (I think it's almost done, in fact). Click here for some info on it, and click here for a playable demo and some videos.

You can also click this for an outline of the game prepared by the creator.

It's looking sweet. :D

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