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This game takes place on Olarnith, the same fantasy world as my previous games.


Thousands of years ago, Olarnith was ruled by an evil, power-hungry race known as the Dirthret. They had coal-black skin and white hair. The endless amount of wars between themselves eventually wiped them out, allowing humans and other races to take over.

But there was one family of Dirthret were smart enough to hide away from others, and were the only ones to survive the onslaught. They lived in secrecy for all this time, and have realized that now would be the perfect time to take back their land. One of the family members is Xunril, who seeks to rule the world himself.

You are a simple citizen, and you will decide the fate of this world.


Character Sheet: Only fill in spaces with parentheses

NameAnything appropriate)
GenderMale or Female)
RaceSee below)
DescriptionPhysical description of your character)
BioSummary of your character's life)
ClassSee below)
Inventory: Empty
Weapons: Unarmed
Armor: Clothes
Gold: 0
HP: 100/100
MP: 50/50
Levels-Change only according to Race instructions(See Below).
One-handed: 10
Two-handed: 10
Light Armor: 10
Heavy Armor: 10
Archery: 10
Sneak: 10
Luck: 10
Charm: 10
Off.Magic: 10
Def.Magic: 10
Current Area: (Leave blank)
Followers: None
Reputation: 0



Human: You know these. Starts with +10 in both Charm and Luck

Wood Elf: Peaceful people with pointy ears. They are experts at archery. Starts with +20 in Archery

Orc: War-loving people who obsess over strength and power. Starts with +10 in both Heavy Armor and Two-Handed

Night Elf: Nocturnal version of Wood Elves, but they are adept at magic instead. Starts with +10 in both Off.Magic and Sneak

Dwarf: Short people who spend much of their time working in mines and getting drunk. Starts with +20 in Two-Handed

Draconian: Humanoid people with colored scales. Starts with +10 in both Off.Magic and Sneak



Knight: Does 50% extra damage with one-handed weapons

Brute: Does 50% extra damage with two-handed weapons

Archer: Does 50% extra damage with bows and other ranged weapons

Mage: Spells are 50% more effective

Rogue: Sneak attacks with daggers do x5 damage



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