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Posted Apr 27, '13 at 3:10pm



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how do i make youtube videos wile playing armor game(s)


Posted May 2, '13 at 1:29pm



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I think good qualities in a youtuber are: funny, entertaining*, knows what he is talking about, and talk about other topics instead of just doing let's plays
A couple Youtubers that I think are superior are Drift0r, Vsauce, RoosterTeeth,and Woody's Gamertag. Now I know that Vsauce doesn't fit into the same genre as the other 3 youtubers but he asks mindboggling questions and answers them in interesting ways. Drift0r and Woody's Gamertag do this occasionally also but of course there primary focus is gaming.
Rooster teeth is also an interesting group because they do such a wide variety of videos I always find enjoyment in there videos.
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Posted May 4, '13 at 9:43pm



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I like the Yogscast and dislike PewDiePie immensely, due to his ear-piercing screams during his "Let's play Slender"s. Then again, why else would you be watching a playthrough of that game? I also dislike the way he's produced the equivalent of "Beliebers". I also like the new Smosh Games channel.

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