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I play video games and do photography :3
Just a normal day for me lol


Posted Jan 13, '13 at 10:37pm



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I forgot the fact that I'm a professional doodler.


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I game a lot also I like to do origami.


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I collect coins.
I know, I know. I can already hear you all shouting at me: NERD!!!


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well i play video games and i draw


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Most of my hobbies are done when I'm not doing anything more important. Because I have to balance school, work, sleep, and social obligations I'm usually limited to about 3 hours a day to do anything that's actually interesting.

One of the top hobbies I love participating in is long distance running. Believe me, I spend more time running than doing anything else. I try my best to set about an hour aside everyday to run a few miles, and I've only missed about a dozen days since winter came upon us. Yes, I run in the winter, but it's totally worth it. I'm in great shape!

Something to help me boost my running potential would be lifting. I lift about as often as I run, so, as you can imagine, I usually come home exhausted considering I lift and then run. I haven't been lifting near as long as I have been running. I'm entering my 6th month of consecutive lifting right now, and I'll probably take a break throughout February and perhaps March, just for general rest time.

I also love drawing and using Photoshop to help create something that has never been done before. Throughout my endeavors as attempting to be an artist, I've expanded into the areas of photography, video, and pen-on-paper sketching, but I've spent most of my time in the area of abstract and manipulated art.

When I'm not doing any of those things, my face will most likely be buried in a screen of some sort. I love gaming - I own an Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, Wii U, 3DS, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, and various electronics I don't use anymore, like my old N64 that sits under my bed. I'm also proud top say that I built and maintain my own WiFi network that connects everything in my house. It's like having one of those devices that lets you record up to 5 shows in any room, but I did it myself.

Finally, something that I consider to be work more than hobby, game building and web designing. I have about a dozen unfinished websites with just the bare code saved on notepad, but recently my tech teacher recruited me for maintaining the school's website, which I'm stoked about. Otherwise, I've built a handful of games with various programs and languages, and I've started on the first game I'll bring up to AG, or The Salvidious Game Project, which is truthfully more work than fun. We recently rented out a room downtown as our meeting place and office, so you know stuff is being done. :P

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