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Heyder fellas, now i know what you're thinking: "VB? are you kidding? SERIOUSLY?

Yes i'm serious, no i'm not kidding. I have been learning VB for a bit now and i have reached a hitch in a program (just a small sillyprogram) that i'm developing.

The concept of the program is a console application in which the user inputs 10 film names. Once the film names has been inputted, the user is then given a choice, whether to have the films automatically sorted into alphabetical order, or they can rate each film out of 10 and then it's sorted into rated (Lowest to Highest) or vice versa depending on the choice made.

Down to my problem, I am having troubles remembering the method to tell the console to read the first letter of each piece of input. What's more is i've also never learned how to sort strings into alphabetical order.

I hope somebody can help, even if you explain it in a different language, i will use the info you give me and experiment to find the answer.



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I've dabbled in MS VB before, nothing much though, didn't really care for it, or MS Visual C++, just me though. Anyways. Try here.

You will probably get a faster response, I'd imagine most people here aren't familiar with VB, I could be wrong though....

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