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Hello everybody, I am new here.

Posted Jan 14, '13 at 4:06pm



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Randomness Is The Way Foward!

Welcome to AG!


Posted Jan 14, '13 at 4:57pm



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Welcome to ArmorGames!! I hope you will enjoy all the great games hosted and developed here. If you want, you can check out the category sections at the top of the page for the most popular games here.

About changing your username... This is not something that is certain yet... It might be an option in the future, but it is still under consideration. Ok? =)


Posted Jan 14, '13 at 5:03pm



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Hey welcome!
If you want to find some fun games, you can look at the featured games, or go to your favorite genre of game (found at top of page) and look at the highest ranked games. Happy gaming!

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