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What are the best platformers on Armor Games, I like a lot of the stuff out of Nitrome and the Fancy Pants games

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The popular choice would be Exit path, This is the only level and Achievement unlocked, all with multiple sequels if you like what you see.
All of the mentioned above are some of the best platformers on Armor Games, all made by John, so if you like his games check out his profile for more.

For a list of platformers to go through, scroll down on the main Armor Games page until you see a small box on the right labeled "Game tags" and click platformer, or click here.

My recommendation is you try a game called "Continuity", an unforgettable experience with a simple, yet unique concept that involves both platforming and puzzle-solving; Never frustratingly hard nor too easy, an enjoyable game with a relaxing and dynamic soundtrack and simple visuals.

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Can't believe that wonderful games like Small Worlds, Grey or noitcelfeR haven't been mentioned here yet?!

And what about the "Robot wants..." series? You have Robot wants Puppy, Robot wants Kitty, Robot wants Ice Cream and Robot wants Fishy! I'm still waiting for robot to want something new to chase...

Or nice zombie shooters like Zombotron and Zombotron 2, they are great fun!! =)

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