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Criysis 3.. More that you know?

Posted Jan 14, '13 at 6:04am



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Will be same city, same enemy, But Much bigger that you know.. Cuz He is Back!!
"Become the hunter!"

+ Be the last man standing in the thrilling, new multiplayer Hunter mode

"Assess, Adapt, Attack!!"
+Suit up with the nanosuit for tactical freedom in the ultimate sandbox shooter

"Lethal Weapons"

+Massive arsenal of high-tech weapons including: All-New Predator Bow, Powerful Typhoon Rifle, and Ceph Plasma Gun

"1 City. 7 Wonders."

+Fight as Prophet against aliens and cell operatives in the Urban Rainforest of NYC .

"Cutting Edge Engine"

+Stunning graphic fidelity and fluid gameplay with the award-winning CryENGINE 3.

Soo?? Does it worth?? what do you think???


Posted Jan 14, '13 at 6:06am



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hmmm... just One Thing... It will Be Epic ....!!!!


Posted Jan 14, '13 at 10:38am



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It looks interesting. I probably will end up getting it over the summer....


Posted Jan 14, '13 at 7:13pm



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The thing I'm interested about for Crysis 3 is the top-secret toad technology that was in the CryEngine 3 trailer for the game.

But, I find it weird that CELL still operates as a bad guy faction even after their evil commander gets killed in Crysis 2.

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