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I'll be here on and off, but I'll take requests for people and slam out a fast black-and-white picture. I sign them, but you can save them and use them anywhere you want. Change them, color them, whatever. If you're a jerk and photoshop my signature out and tell your friends it's yours, fine, but I'm keeping the originals. Hah.

Nothing obscene or offensive. Duh.

I can't draw cars and dragons. >_< Sorry!

Fantasy characters, people, animals, weapons, armor, whatever. That covers a lot of categories.

If you have an RPG character you like, describe them IN DETAIL. RPGs are more fun when you can actually see your character. I do not make good assumptions.

It takes time! Don't get mad if you don't see your person in ten minutes. My sample took 20 mins to get right. I'll let you know by replying who I'm working on.

This is me in the Irridia fantasy RPG. If you steal this one...well, just don't. Please.

Bring it on!

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