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[ANS] Quests?

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Posted Jan 17, '13 at 7:35pm



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so when i go to other sub pages of armor games i see a quest icon where the armor games logo is in the top left. i have tried clicking on it but it just sends me to the homepage. does it mean that there will be little quests in armor games? or is it just for new users to get use to the system that armor games has. like find the community forums as a quest. or is it going to be challenges in the games?


Posted Jan 17, '13 at 7:47pm



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There like the awards on Miniclip, only they're replacing Armor Points with them.


Posted Jan 17, '13 at 7:51pm



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Read pages 32-last here if you want to know more about quests. They're still working on them and will be taking ideas into consideration, but they are achievements for games currently.


Posted Jan 17, '13 at 7:52pm



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Here to talk about quests.

Also that is probably just a glitch, the image isn't actually clickable, it's actually the armorgames logo you are clicking.

If you go to your profile you will see what quests are, and in short they are achievements.


Posted Jan 20, '13 at 8:44am



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This is indeed a glitch. The Quests button was placed there at first and then re-alligned to the current proper position on the website. All you need to do is clear your cache (NOT your cookies) and it will show up on the right top side of the green game category bar.

All the referral links were already given, so this thread is answered and can be locked! =)