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an armorgames minecraft server?

Posted Jan 18, '13 at 11:22am



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I was thinking (like so many other people) that there should be an armorgames minecraft server! (if there is already one, by all means, give me the IP address!) because I saw on armorgames google plus page there was a couple photos of minecraft. so my conclusion was that there was one, and if there was not, then someone needs to make one. I can not make one (because I have absolutely no clue how) but someone else could.

Please consider! or just give me the IP address...


Posted Feb 23, '13 at 10:57am



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I can agree. A lot.


Posted Feb 23, '13 at 1:32pm



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armor games it's self is a good website and the minecraft server would only be icing on the cake for this website even though its unnecessary for the website to have the server because of the wide range of people that come here in my own personal opinion i think they should invest in the server it would be good advertising for the website and also give the people of minecraft a good server to play on and enjoy!

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