Catapult Madness Quests

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I had everything upgraded and already had the king unlocked as a character. I think its only possible with the girl, which makes sense because then you unlock the next character, but I don't understand why the king is harder to unlock


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After game completion and continuing in Endless mode it's harder to get empaled.
I would recommend not spending money at the start of the game
and try to stay as long as possible on the ground.

Anyway, now that I have everything upgraded to the maximum it's not hard
to get hit by a flying bomb which increased my height.
And I don't want that!

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Had to do the Get Stabbed one from zero after I lost my 19 progress.
I was mad of the bombs and rockets hitting me and launching me to over 500m heigh when I was trying to stay on the ground.

Only with the first upgrade on the Slider it's so much easier.
Flying at the altitude of the empaling orcs.

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