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Page 1 boring page 2 eh...

Posted Jan 18, '13 at 6:05pm



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What ever happened to good game like please... searching for games? just skip to page 5. i think people are rushing way to much i would much rather wait for a good game then have bad ones spammed.


Posted Jan 18, '13 at 6:41pm



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I somewhat agree but I definitely think there are some good new games coming out. Some people actually take time to make fantastic games, like Krin, and people are always like "When is Sonny 3 coming out? When is Colony 2 coming out? Kriiiinnnnn"


Posted Jan 18, '13 at 8:24pm



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I completely agree with the OP. I been thinking exactly the same thing for the past month to be frank.

I'm really big on strategy games. I hardly ever visit another genre, I simply try games from other genres as they appear on the front page. Thing is, on the whole first page of the strategy games I could pike two, maybe three okay games... All the rest is not even good enough to look at. But go on page two and there you go, a lot of very nice games.

Played them all to death of course.

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