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[ANS] why does armor games not accept Ninja Kiwi games???

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Posted Jan 19, '13 at 11:20pm



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please i need to know the answer


Posted Jan 20, '13 at 12:13am



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Have you gone to This thread and suggested them?

Oh..and because it is bothering me..

*Why does Armor Games not accept Kiwi Ninja Games ?


Posted Jan 20, '13 at 3:53am



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Ninja Kiwi games have already been suggested in that thread several times pang and lately they've been ignoring some of the requests for Ninja Kiwi.

There has been no reason that has been said specifically so his question still stands.

I'd have to guess it was due to exclusive sponsorship deals with Ninja Kiwi.


Posted Jan 20, '13 at 3:57am



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As posted by MrDayCee (A moderator)

All games made by NinjaKiwiGames that are not yet featured here on ArmorGames will, for the time being, not be hosted here on this website. The reasons why are to us users of no concern and whether NKG games will ever be hosted here is entirely up to the admins of ArmorGames.
Therefor... games like SAS Zombie Assault and Bloon (TD) will not be hosted upon suggestion, how sad it may. We will simply have to wait it out and see IF they will be hosted in the future, ok?

Posted Jan 20, '13 at 8:31am



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Thank you leo99rules... my quoted statement is still in effect and untill we hear otherwise from the ArmorGames staff, this is the situation. Question is answered and thread locked! =)