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Upgrade Complete 2 Broken

Posted Feb 1, '13 at 1:25pm



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I appreciate the ideas to delete the save file, but here's a crazy idea: why don't they just fix the game?
It's up to the developer to fix the game for it to be compatible with quests, which I doubt he will be doing. Unfortunately, however broken it may be, we're just going to have to live with it.

Posted Feb 1, '13 at 5:20pm



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I'm not concerned about the quests. The game itself does not work and freezes so that you can't play it. That is a big concern, and something I think the developer should fix.


Posted Apr 2, '13 at 5:17pm



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yeah same it happened to me but on lvl 21 and i assumed the game has just ended because u know how there were only 20 levels in the first game

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