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Error with the Legacy Quests

Posted Jan 30, '13 at 11:45pm



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So long as there's no timeframe on this request I actually second it, purely as a veteran who likes nods to history being accurate.

Now all I need is for kingryan to post the same and then we'd have a "since beta" user support on this petition, haha.


Posted Jan 31, '13 at 12:59am



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*insert pseudo-metaphorical anecdote*

Well to be honest, I didn't even notice the change they made from iron to silver. I see no real problem in the change but I understand that's not the point you're making. I think the reason behind this could just be that enough people were calling it silver that the change was made. It could be the admins preferred silver over iron. Maybe they're just trying to mess with us and create drama for the community to regain some popularity due to trivial errors being pointed out, creating a flock of "Oo, drama" people to swarm.

Or maybe, there is no legitimate reason. Ferret and some others decided to throw darts at a circle with sections labeled silver and iron in them. Maybe they did this for the other ones, too. But really, I understand what you're saying, but the level you're getting worked up over this isn't healthy for something you yourself have said is trivial. I can see that maybe you're not getting as many responses full pertaining to your question than you wanted, but you have to be chill here. AG is about having fun, having some nice, calm discussions, and creating bonds with people whose faces you may only see in the Faces of AG thread. Please don't get too worked up over this. If it's something that needs fixed, it has been pointed out and will be fixed, and if it is something that gets fixed, they'll probably post something about it in this thread that pointed it out in the first place.


Posted Feb 11, '13 at 12:47pm



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I agree

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