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Posted Jan 23, '13 at 10:29am



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This forum seems to be for support for the site overall. The other forums seem to be help with the games but not fixes. Where do we post about bugs within a certain game, and learn about fixes to those bugs?


Posted Jan 23, '13 at 10:59am



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Somewhere where the developer will be able to see it and possibly fix it... Most developers don't hang around the forums, though. You could try commenting on their profile (though that usually doesn't work either) or if they have a development or blog website, go there and see if there's a place to report bugs and such. Outside of that, I'm not sure what you could do.


Posted Jan 23, '13 at 1:50pm



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It's pretty much like jeol explained to you right now... There aren't that many bugs within Flash Games and if you do experience a bug, you can always make a thread about it here in the Support Forum for help! =)

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