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playing on a laptop...

Posted Jan 23, '13 at 5:28pm



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Im playing armor mayhem chronicles on a laptop with a touchpad. Its rough with that issue. But im also having a problem while playing. when i hold down a direction, lets say im backing up and firing, the the guy will continue to go that direction until i hit forward or backward again. its quite annoying. Thought it may be a setting on the computer...but wouldn't have the first idea where to check. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!


Posted Jan 23, '13 at 5:46pm



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It's probably either your internet connection that is lagging or your laptop can't handle all the key strokes you are making... Sorry... =/


Posted Jan 26, '13 at 5:14pm



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I Had the same problem when playing any shooting game on the my laptop. if u have a rough track pad that could be the problem. I suggest for now u lower the quality of the game your playing and aim first before moving. I know it sucks but just adjust to it

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