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Chroma Wars - Feedback (spoileralert!)

Posted Jan 24, '13 at 2:59am



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Great game, liked it a lot being a fan of TBSG. Some improvements I wished for Fantasy Kommander found it's way to Chroma Wars. Still, there are some typos, bugs & suggestions to submit

First and foremost of all: I wish it was longer, had more campaigns and would feature scenarios of some sort, but with the option to export/play with a selected general so armies can be upgraded to the fullest and enjoyed at their max potential. Take as an example Warlords IV (although they messed the rest of the game up compared to warlords III DLR), where you had a general, who leveled up and could play different scenarios to get stronger, taking his best units along the way from one scenario to another. A feature similar to that would immensely add to the replayability and make it a game one could return to from time to time. Right now Chroma Wars is unfortunately so limited by the lack of such features, that there is little motivation to play it more than once, which is sad, because it has GREAT potential IMHO for those who love TBSG.

As for suggestions and/or uncertainties:

Q1. - I'm missing the option to see what effects an army is under in some cases (+40% to attack from leader e.g.) ATM.

Q2. - also, how do I know the range of the leaders special skills when used on units under his command? e.g.: the general has a special ability "Offensive military tactics" that gives friendly units +40% to attacks.The description says "All the armies in the Range" get it. What range? How many squares from the general?

Q3. - where can I see what kind of damage units do? They have armor values based on normal/heavy/magic damage and while magical damage is rather rare, used by only one unit (Techno-Magi + 2 enemy units at the end of the game) how can I see which unit deals normal or heavy dmg? Either I haven't found it, or it's something that should be added to short descriptions of units and the info-panel.

Q4. - the tutorial (taken from Fantasy Kommander?) confuses by stating that the general's INITIATIVE might help you get to move first, but in Chroma Wars the is no INITIATIVE attribute/skill. Instead of it is LEADERSHIP, as far as I understand. Besides, there doesn't seem to be anything to compare it's value to. How would I know what leadership is high enough to make any sense putting some precious points into?

Q5. - where can I see the range of shooting units?
It definitely should be seen in the INFO panel and added to the short description during the battle. The workaround is still moving the units and undoing the action, trial & error and simply remembering from previous gameplay, but since the game has little replay value, by the time you know your way around the game ends....

Q6: What does this "Ray: 2" in the description of a special ability mean?

some bugs, typos:

B1 - TUTORIAL: see image

B2 - TUTORIAL: see image

B3 - FINAL MISSION "Abyss Heart": see images. The briefing states that only 10 armies can be used, whereas 14 are available:

B4 - TERRAIN MOVEMENT INFO: in the upper right corner the amount of movement points for a particular terrain is displayed. I think is bugged for most units, infantry being just an example, I see figures like "20" or "60" moves needed, although units have max 6 or 10 moves in general. So the "zero is not cool here" (Hackers anyone?)

I hope Chroma Wars manages to finally break out of it's cell providing us with many MANY more hours of gameplay


Posted Jan 24, '13 at 3:24am



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As for firing range of units, here my own observations for new players who disregarded my "Spoil Alert" and read to the end anyway.... ;-)

* Infantry attacks at a range of 4 squares.
* Tanks & HWD Mechs attack at a range of 5 squares.
* TechnoMage attacks at a range of 6 squares.
* Damage dealing Special Abilities (like the tank's & HWD Mech's "Improved Bullets", "Bombing" or TechnoMage's "Fireball") have to range limitations.


Posted Jan 24, '13 at 3:35am



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*sigh* Why is there no edit feature here?
"have NO range limitations." - should the last sentence say.

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