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Wartune PLAYERS/ADDICT -Do you hate this....?

Posted Dec 4, '13 at 10:31am



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lol they should remove dead accounts from their list to make it so only active players get farmed. Meantime they could make it so you can't hit anyone that hasn't been online in the past X number of days. This in its own right would make it so only active players could get attacked if they are online within the time-frame.


Posted Jul 25, '15 at 7:18am



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ima be honest idc if this is old but ima be honest about wartune. one of the main problems with the game is that battle rating ima solo player i like doing **** solo to be challenging but i can't be a solo player when they have a level system and battle rating at the same time. to even have a competitive battle rating you have to join a guild and you can't really be a solo player if you're in a guild. the battle rating would be better if they got rid of the leveling system and just added a state skill system instead. a majority of the time your level will not mean **** if a player's br is better then your's. i also don't like the fact that there are way to many people saying their 20 or 21 but don't even act like an adult i'm an adult myself and i surely know when someone is an adult online or not a majority of the players just like to say that idk if it has something to do with the porn ad pop ups or something but c'mon people you age fakers are making the game worser then it is.i would had really liked wartune if they made the system better for solo players instead of making the system to an extend that you can't be a solo player at all.

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