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If your like me and your an addict to Wartune, your on every day trying to finish up quest's and the like. Plunder like nobodies business and smash the competition in the Arena.

But what really really gets me is when these people join the game then walk away, don't even bother coming back to play. Well, that's awesome news for us addicts, means we get to plunder their cities, drop them in ranking in the arena. Its a free world with in the game itself. Now, it would be really courtious of them if they came on every other day and try to defend themselves.

But if your like me, you show up cause its out of habit, and its engrained in you. Thats what an addict is.

Do you hate it when people become your friend, then they leave the game cause they got bored with it and your stuck with there farm in a constant state of disrepair? I sure do. You?

What is it you don't like about people who join the game, make friends with you and then leave you hanging?

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