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The Anonymous Hack

Posted Jan 31, '13 at 1:43am



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Hmmm. Its cool how this topic evolved from Anon xD.

Lol.. Yeah I didn't do it, but I love arguing with libertarians so much that I can never resist. Someone should start a libertarian thread and I'd bee all up in it.

Lets just face it: there are alot of ppl who know how to get around the system, and there are serious gaps in it. It is never going to be perfect though, and THATS the reality check.

I'd love to hear more about this from you, please elaborate

Posted Jan 31, '13 at 2:24am



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What does Anonymous really want? All I've heard in regards to their goals is complete freedom of information on the internet.

It depends on which Anonymous you are talking about, old or new

Posted Feb 3, '13 at 12:38am



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I was talking about the new Anon, as it states...:

So, I just saw a video on AOL about this group of hackers who have a WMD they are ready to send out as Operation Last Resort, which is, their Last Resort.

Ya, x|
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