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-by Srillian Productions-

The world has many secrets; but none other like the Legend of the Dark Trinity. Held by the three Quadra-Essences, the Dark Trinity is the key to the ancient God-Realm, the Phantom Hex. Those who enter the Phantom Hex are rumored to have been gifted with limitless power, for they can freely enter the six God-Realms. In a desperate search for the Dark Trinity, many priests from all around the world, gather around in a grand hustle for the sacred artifact. Only one will be worthy for such power. However, as the war still progresses for 600 years, not a single priest has been able to get a lead on the artifact's whereabouts. However, with your arrival, that balance will hopefully change...The next state of the Faith Wars will begin now.

"May the Gods be worshiped and the priests blessed; although lives may be forfeit, their fate will remain...oh holy father, please guide me so that i may stand by your side."

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