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The Weekly Poll (current poll: pg. 104)

Posted Aug 17, '14 at 11:22am



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Leonardo, I guess


Posted Aug 18, '14 at 9:20pm



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Wow no love for Donatello, must hate his life.

Anyways Leonardo won and Michelangelo and Raphael tied.

Now let's have a little battle of the tv show things!
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Or the Bachelor/bachelorette

Voting ends next week and sorry for being late.


Posted Aug 18, '14 at 9:46pm



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****ed... this is hard... these series are so different...

Well, lets kick out the bachelor... pure crap, GoT is also kicked, i dont understand why all are so mad about it (epic battles?... where?)... but between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, normaly i would say its a draw because they are so totaly different, you cant rly compare them, but i must decide... i would go for Breaking Bad, only for one reason, its finished, The Walking Dead is still running and (which i dont hope) the niveau maybe lowered (when i think of Lost... the end was horrible).

So: Breaking Bad

*updated titel*


Posted Aug 18, '14 at 9:54pm



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The Walking Dead +1


Posted Aug 18, '14 at 9:56pm



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I disliked the walking dead (EDIT: Hate is a strong word)
what is the bachelor? An oxygen show?
Breaking Bad I've never watched.

Game of Thrones however, has zombies, bachelors, drugs, politics, people doing awesome stuff, some people who are just crazy, some people who you just want to die . . .

ok, it might not have drugs

~~~Darth Caedus

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Posted Aug 19, '14 at 10:03am



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I haven't seen two of these shows so my vote is biased. I'm going to have to go with breaking bad due to me watching all of it, however depending on how walking dead goes my vote may swing.


Posted Aug 19, '14 at 12:29pm



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Only ever watched Walking dead, and as much as it fell off that last season it used to be pretty great. Walking Dead.



Posted Aug 19, '14 at 1:22pm



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Game of Thrones.

Ive only read the books, i havent seen the show, but still.


Posted Aug 19, '14 at 11:20pm



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what, last week was ninja turtles? Donatello was my favorite :T

And I don't watch any of those shows Mythbusters I choose you


Posted Aug 21, '14 at 7:47am



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Game of thrones:I like medieval times but this one is quite err.. bad.(Seriously who loves their own sibling).

Walking dead:Never seen it.

Breaking bad:Seriously great story.This is the epitome of action and crime TV shows.The best in my opinion.

Bachelor/bachelorette:I don't know it even exists.

So it is +1 for Breaking Bad.

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