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The title is Spanish for general education for Sal, if that wasn't obvious. If it wasn't obvious, you just learned something today.

I will be graduating high school a year early, so this is my final semester before trekking off to college. I have nearly a quarter of the credits I'll need to graduate college with a major in CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) from out-of-school work, and I was planning on minoring in Web Design, Game Design, or Graphic Design. I am also planning on going back to college for an extra year (after graduating) to get credit in the Spanish language field, whether in Communication or maybe even Education.

Major: CSE
Minor: Web, Game, or Graphic Design (I can minor in two fields)
Further work: Communication or Education in the Spanish language

I want to keep it constrained to those things because I don't have plans on going anywhere else work-related. I want to know your opinions concerning which field to minor in, whether or not to go back for Spanish, and the type of college I should look at. I don't care where the recommended colleges might be; I'm willing to travel, and it wouldn't hurt to have examples.

Oh, and any other general education tips are welcome.

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