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[Answered] reeboot server The last Stand - Dead Zone

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Posted Feb 4, '13 at 1:15am



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i'm french excuse for my bad english
dead zone is a very very good game and i lve it, thanks you for this awesomeflash game, ive a big problem at 6:18 with the reebooting server, i was in end of mission lvl 18 in street in northwood east with 4 survivors and with book in option slot they option book of this book is +200%xp for bonus and +298 of return time to compound just for 30 min timing , iwas in leave zone for return in my compound and the server reeboot and i havent my bonus xp for this mission, I had sent a first group in first time in missin to large supermarket in notrhwood east and i win 12.200 xp for my first team of four survivors, but for second team with the reebooting of server i haven't my bonus and the bonus book time is ended. it's a chalenge for me and my friends in this game to gain the big xp numbers at mission and i m the record man with the mission buged I know him, i've kill lot and lot infected, I am so much disappointed please did you help me Can use me for the loss caused. thanks


Posted Feb 4, '13 at 10:16am



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AG only host these games, the servers and all with that are running by the developer, so if someone can help you here its the developer. Best chance is to go to their own web-presence (if they have one, maybe they have own forums).


Posted Feb 4, '13 at 12:32pm



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You can find Support for The Last Stand: Dead Zone here: