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You are an explorer, wanting gold and fame. You decide to challenge the Mysterious Dark Castle, legend has it the is an amazing treasure deep in the castle.However, all who have tried to reach it fail destructively. Those who survive to see another day claim there are powerful monsters and guardians protecting the castle. But that won't stop you, will it?

Character Sheet

Age: Min 21, Max depends on race.
Gender: M or F
Race: Look below for choices
Looks: Height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color (same for wolf form), (Mermaid's only, tail color) (Vampire's only, tattoo style) ect.
Bio: Your characters story
Class: look below for choices
Elements: Depends on race, choose if your a vampire or human.
Stats: They are impacted by race, class and gender
Health: How much damage you can take before being defeated.
Strength: How much damage you deal out with close range weapons
Dexterity: How much damage you deal out with long range weapons
Agility: Chances to hit
Magic: How much damage you deal out with magic



Humans: You know these. Add two points to strength.

Elves: About the same size as humans but have pointed ears and have an infinity for earth magic. Add two points to Dexterity and Agility.

Vampires (Sapphire, Scarlet): Unlike the vampire stereo type, Sapphire Vampire can go out into the sun, they have a blue colored crescent-moon on their foreheads an tattoo like marking on the cheeks the go up to the crescent-moon. However Scarlet Vampires are like the stereo type but are not evil, they have the same tattoo like markings as Sapphires but their red. They both have infinity's for earth, fire, water, air, and spirit. Healing factor. Add two points to magic. (Must define what kind of of vampire you are)

Mermaids: An aquatic race, but they can walk on land and they have an infinity for water. Ability to breath under water, add two points to dexterity and magic. Female only

Werewolf: Able to change into a wolf, even if it's not a full moon. Five times more stronger than humans and elves, but they can't swim. Add four point to all but magic and dexterity.



Warriors: Strong and best for the front line. Add two points to health and strength, Best race: Humans. Starting weapon: short-sword

Rangers: Best at long range combat. Add two point to Dexterity. Best race(s): Elves and Mermaids. Starting weapon: bow

Wizards: They use magic to attack enemies from afar. Add two points to Magic Best Race(s): Sapphire Vampires and Scarlet Vampires. Starting weapon: staff

Rouges: Assassins that attack fast, then retreat. They can use a bow if needed. Add two points to Dexterity and Agility. Best race(s): Humans and Werewolves. Starting weapon: Dagger

Berserkers: Like warriors, but are way more dangerous to enemy's and sometimes allies. Add four points to Strength and two to Health. Best race: Werewolves. Starting weapons: great ax

Knights :Like warriors but they defend more effectively. Add four points to Health and Strength. Best race: Humans. Starting weapon: Longsword.

Cleric Healer who can fight at close range if needed. Add two points to Strength and Magic. Best Race(s) Humans, Elves, and Mermaids.


I will start the game when we have one of each race, vampires excluded, but if anyone has a problem with the races, I'd gladly change or get rid of them.

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