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[Answered] Problem to login with facebook.

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Posted Feb 8, '13 at 11:33pm



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Hi, I'm new to the site. Here is my isue: I created a account, I logout it, and tryed to login with my facebook, my facebook was open in another tab, the site recognized him, and there appeared, my photo, my name, and my number of friends, and ask me to put my username and my password, I did it, and appeared this message: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user.
So, what I need to do to login with facebook?


Posted Feb 9, '13 at 12:15am



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It's not a problem on our end. It's a fairly wide-spread issue on the end of FB. Easiest way to avoid it until it is resolved?

Don't log-in to/have FB open in another tab.


Posted Feb 13, '13 at 12:32pm



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Aye, we know of this issue. It's on our list to fix, unknown when it will be however.