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[Answered] Links to other sites from submitted game

Posted Feb 9, '13 at 6:07pm



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Hi to all. Firstly I want to say how great this site is.

Secondly I would have some questions concerning submitted game:
a, is it possible to have some in-game links to other sites like some app store/facebook/etc.?
b, is it possible to submit one game to more free online game sites?

Thanks everyone for answer.


Posted Feb 14, '13 at 8:37pm



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Hi Malacca,

While we do have a "submit" button that is publicly available for anyone to use to submit games to... 99% of the time, we don't take advantage of it. Instead, if you really want to get your game onto Armor, you'll need to email me at with a link to your game (or an attached swf). If your game meets our quality standards, I'll negotiate a deal with you to allow us to host it.

In terms of what we allow for games on our site, we do NOT allow any ads in games, nor links to other flash game websites. We DO allow links to your website, your facebook, your twitter, your game in the app store... within reason.

Your second question isn't Armor-specific, but you can try using a few of the game feeds that are out there... Mochi has one, as do and Playtomic.

I hope that helps!


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