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In this game you control a tiny civilization. Your goals can be anything, whether it be conquer the world, bring peace and stability, or just prosper as a normal nation, it is your choice. This game is singleplayer.

Civilization Name: (Anything)
Government: (Make sure it makes sense for a small civilization)
Cities: (Name your capital city)
Technologies: Agriculture, Basic Building, Hunting, Mysticism
Total Population: 10 (Distribute)
Workers: (Builders, farmers, etc.)
Soldier Types: Club Wielder
Researchers: (Researchers are needed to increase research speed)
Fruits and Vegetables: 5 Vegetables
Meat and Livestock: 2 Meat, 2 Livestock
Metals: 0
Wood: 0
Other Resources: 0
Research Speed/Bonus: (None yet)
Flag: (Describe)
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Organizations and Treaties: None
Year: 3000 BC
Religion: (Name of your religion)
Religion Description: (The gods, the practices, etc.)
Wars Participated In: None
Wars Won: None
Wars Lost: None
Planet Type: (Choose one)
Planet Climate: (Choose one or more)
Other Settings: (Type them here)
Starting Civilizations: (Put the number here)
The Invasion: (On or Off)

Planet Types
Pangea: The entire world is connected.

Big Continents: The world has a few big continents.

Normal Continents: The world has several medium-sized continents.

Archipelago: The world contains many islands.

Duel: Two major continents on the left and right, with a small continent in the middle.

No Water: There is no water... OH GAD.

Inland Lakes: The only large water sources are lakes.

Waterworld: Almost the entire map is covered in water.

Snaky: The world is covered in thin but long landmasses.

Random: If you do not want to choose for yourself, pick this one.

Planet Climates
Arid: Very few vegetation, little to no precipitation. Clear skies and dry air.

Semi-Arid: Some precipitation and vegetation.

Wet Tropical: Hot and muggy all year round. Rainfall is common and heavy.

Tundra: Dry, short summers and long, bitter winters. Very cold temperatures.

Subarctic: Short, cool summers and long, bitter winters. Precipitation almost always occurs, whether it be rain or snow.

Mediterranean: Warm summers and rainy winters. A good balance between hot and cold.

Ice Caps: Always cold, the temperatures rarely rise above freezing. Long, dark winters.

Random: If you do not want to choose for yourself, pick this one.

Number of Starting Civilizations
1: Only you.
2: You and another civilization.

So on...
Maximum number of starting civilizations is 10.

Very Easy: For a very easy game.
Easy: Easy, but not too easy.
Normal: Normal.
Hard: For people who want a challenge.
Very Hard: I suggest you not do this, very hard challenge.
Impossible: Why even try?

The Invasion
A random, unknown civilization will discover your world. They will then proceed to attempt to conquer your world. You can choose for them to invade or not. (Warning: They will invade you at any random time)

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