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I suck at sin jid

Posted Feb 9, '13 at 10:24pm



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Okay, so I have a priest in sinjid on easy and i made it to daijin with his constant healing I have absolutely no clue how i should go about this i can never make a dent in his health


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 9:08am



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do what the killscreen says (if you've read it)... apply constant pressure, melee like crazy (don't die while doing this though), blast him with all you got, summon whenever you can as priority; takes a few tries, good luck!


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 3:04pm



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Get the poison tipped blade by giving a poison sample to the guy who asked for it. he's beside a scarecrow. Forgot where. It makes him very killable

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