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Well it's pretty to say that it's made from the real life RPG Space Trader. You are in the Azure system. There are 3 planets. They each have prices for guns,cotton,tobacco,morphine, gold, platinum,water and diamonds. they change every week too. You can buy and sell, but you can also get a dwarf planet and establish a building which you can harvest a resource. I will post the dwarf planets too. Basically, you just trade and trade here. You just say if you buy or sell stuff. Points are the currency here.

Planet Jovia
Water: 50 pts
Cotton:75 pts
Tobacco:125 pts
Morphine: 175 pts
Gold: 250 pts
Platinum: 500 pts
Guns: 45 pts
Diamonds: 750 pts

Planet Ruter
Water:100 pts
Cotton:10 pts
Tobacco: 50 pts
Morphine: 500 pts
Gold:40 pts
Platinum: 75 pts
Guns: 150 pts
Diamonds: 1000 pts

Planet Korer
Water:5 pts
Cotton:50 pts
Tobacco:30 pts
Morphine: 145 pts
Gold: 400 pts
Platinum:550 pts
Guns: 750 pts
Diamonds: 200 pts

Dwarf Planets


I hope someone joins!

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You should maybe put out more information. How much money do you have atthe beginning? How does the game work? what sort of ship do you have (i suppose you have a ship)? Stuff like that. Otherwise i would be clad to join

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Okay, enough. This is the third RPG/Forum game you've posted in under a week. Stop. That's not how this works.

1. Never start more than one RPG at a time. Start one and leave it alone. If nothing happens after a week, you can try again. If you start a bunch, people might end up joining more than one and you'll have trouble keeping up. Yes you will.
2. You have to use correct spelling and grammar. Period. "Proffesional" is not a word. You have to put a space after commas. Do your research.
3. You need to look at other RPGs before you start one. "This game is very simple. You just post cool ways to kill people. Haha" is already going on. People are already attacking each other in cool ways.
4. Any story-based RPG needs a story and it has to make sense. Your "The Proffesional Killers" RPG has no story. It also makes no sense. You said "I'm going to say that there should be no weapons. you obtain through the storyline" but you followed it up with three options that all involve weapons and superpowers. That leaves room for a lot of loopholes. Those are bad.

Go to the beginning of Forum Games and read the stickied threads at the top on making and playing RPGs. Do NOT start another one when you have just started three, even if one is a non-story RPG (Ways to kill). Wait a week to see what happens. If someone replies, go for it. If not, let it go and try again with more detail. Ask a Mod or an Admin if you aren't sure about detail.

Just chill. Okay?


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Oops sorry. Anyway, The money you have is 1000 points at first. thanks

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You have Aviator ship at first, but you can buy when I release the shop next week. You will fight cops if you have illegal trades. the fight will be a choice game. If you lose, you will lose points. You will gain points or even trades if you win.

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