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Alright, first off, for those who do not know what Smite is, it is a free to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) in a 3rd person perspective. Basically, think of League of Legends, but 3rd person. In this game, you play as gods, out-play the enemies, destroy their defenses, and eventually take down their base for a victory. There's also 4 other modes to play if this main-mode gets boring for you.

So anyways, who plays Smite? If you happen to play it, leave your IGN, Level, raiting, etc. I'll be glad to play with anybody, regardless of skill or attitude. I'm used to it all. I'm looking forward to watching the amazing game grow, due to its potential. Right now it's in Open Beta and will be officially launching very soon and after its launch, there will be a tournament for $100,000 (pretty big for a first tournament in a game).
My IGN is Belgabad for those that are willing to give this game a try.

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