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Sinjid description error on skill?

Posted Feb 14, '13 at 1:47am



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My assassin Ultimate that gives me invisibility when using smoke bomb says "[...]attacks from None deal 50%[...]".

Also just beat the #1 shiniobi girl on hard. (forgot her name) Was a b**** to fight. I respec'd 3 times before finding what I need to beat her.


Posted Feb 14, '13 at 7:09am



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I was wondering about that too. If you want, you can fill in a feedback form about it for Krin to read. However, I don't really care about that because I like Mirage better >

I also already filled a form out about the "Rush" skill that said "next tier 50% proc chance" when that was what it was for the first tier (when I got the skill, it gave me 100% anyway)

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