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I'm waiting for the others to post.


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Gender: M
Class: Warrior
Bio: Was solder his whole life but one day he decided that he dont want to fight anymore for other people causes so he and small group of man rebeled and deserted army they pillaged and robbing villages,caravans etc. across kingdom for years until one day they where caughted in ambush his whole company was killed only he managed to escape
Weapon: Longsword
Damage: 1d8
Armor: None
Inventory: None
Skills: Slash (1W, attacks those next to you)

For now i do nothing just wait to see what is happening next


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Name: Storm Dragon
Gender: F
Class: Rogue
Bio: Storm's parents were killed by some bandits when she was a babe. She wasn't killed because the bandits figured that she would die before anyone found the wrecked carriage. Sometime after the bandits left a pack of wolves showed up and their alpha took Storm in. The pack raised her until she was about five when she infiltrated the bandit group that killed her parents. She was ten when she saw her chance to kill the bandit leader and get the others arrested and she did so. She then went back to living with the wolves and stayed there until she was full grown. Now that she is full grown she is trying to find a way to earn enough money to own the land that her pack lives on instead of it belonging to some king or noble who will have the forest on it cut down and the animals hunted or scattered to the winds.
Weapon: Dagger
Damage: 1d4
Armor: None
Inventory: None
Skills: Backstab(1W, 2W+1d6 used from behind)

I look around to get my bearings.

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