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Link to Sonny 2 guides and Legend run builds

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These are the links to various guides that can assist you in getting the "Legend" achievement using different builds from different classes. I got those links by surfing the the forums and I've probably gotten most of them except the hybrid Psycho build which I can't seem to find and the Poison Bio which I don't think it's even worth using so yeah, here it is:

Speed Bio:

Shock Psycho:

Shadow Psycho:

Cold Hydro:

Hot Hydro:

General overview guide on the Hydraulic Class :

Walkthrough for all classes in one guide :

Weapons, equipments and where to get them :

I hope you all appreciate my help.

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Note: The hybrid Psycho build is called the Stun Psycho. If anyone has a link to that guide please post it here! Thanks.