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Posted Feb 16, '13 at 11:30am



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Hi guys,

I would like to know what games can I save in my account like Kingdom Rush

I'm so sad because i've lost a lot of games

Thanks a lot


Posted Feb 16, '13 at 11:39am



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It depends on the games you're playing to be honest... Most of the bigger games have online save files. I assume you're referring to the ones that use local saving on your computer? Did you check/search for any .sol files on your computer yet? Those are the save files for the Flash Games! =)


Posted Feb 16, '13 at 1:08pm



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If your progress wont save/is deleted (local saves) maybe your computer delete files automaticly (there some programs around that could do that, like CCleaner), also make sure your cookies/tempfiles wont be deleted.
And, last but not least, make sure you dont play a game while you´re in privacy/incognito-mode, progress made there wont be saved.

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