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Hi everybody

A question that bugs me and that I'd like to hear your opinions, and if possible an official statement is:

Why are games without online saving given quests, to me it seems to be pure nonsense. Now this sounds quite direct and maybe offensive, but don't take it that way please. Here are my thoughts:
This way, giving games without online saving quests, if you clean your cache or don't have it saved, you'll have to do it all over again to get to the harder quests... Also, when you start the game it won't show you on the game's page which quests you already have.

Now, I'd like to hear your thoughts ;-)


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I totally agree with you! I have to start the whole thing again when I do a harder quest on the same game, it frustrates me.


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Thanks! You know, some days ago, I started to go after some quests and thought about this. Also, when I posted a similar comment, some other people agreed with me, so I thought, why not asking it in the forum and hoping someone important replies? :-)


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Well if you really want those quests you will not delete your cache or cookies. Simple as that. Also if quests were limited to games with online saves there would be a lot fewer games that would have them.


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I would like to know by what criteria
is determined the difficulty of quests,
in my opinion Quest marked with hard
are actually normal difficulty.

Example 1:

Treadmillasaurus Rex Quest
King of the Treadmill
Reach 50,000 calories.
Difficulty: Hard

Which is actually an average, 60,000-70,000 calories to make it difficult

Example 2:

Demons vs Fairyland Quest
Bronze Crown
Achieve 3 bronze stars on all 12 missions.
Difficulty: Hard

Achieve 3 diamond stars on all 12 missions to make it difficult

Example 3:

Epic Combo Redux Quest
One Hundred Freaking Million
Wow, really? You stuck around for ONE HUNDRED MILLION? This is best done in unlimited mode since original mode caps out.
Difficulty: Hard

No intelligence is required, just patience


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@ivanxxxxxxx Example 1 : Many people are having trouble getting even 20,000.
Example 2: True
Example 3: In that game you can't make quest that needs intelligence because it's just numbers so I think 100M is enough.

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