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Good Gaming Laptop <$1500

Posted Apr 8, '13 at 11:56pm



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Your best bet is really to just get a desktop that can run about anything and a medium range laptop that can run a few games but not all. That way you can play your desktop at home with the few good games like Newer COD's and Skyrim, the works.

Since you mentioned TF2 you really dont need much. Valve games seem to rely more on RAM and the Processor to play and some on the graphics but TF2 is so old that i think you only need a graphics card that has like 512 MB of ram. But the processor seems to be a big deal with that game. Because everytime I run that game it is extremely slow for first couple of minutes. I guess it could just be updates.

But other than that here is a (well I cant click the link button for whatever reason) but here,2817,2020688,00.asp
I guess copy and paste that. Top 10 gaming laptops by PcMag


Posted Apr 10, '13 at 10:42pm



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Asus G75VW

This is a top of the line computer

Core i7-3610QM (overclocked)

16GB 1600mhz RAM

Full HD 17.3 inch screen (Supposedly Asus makes better screens than Apple)

Nvidia GTX 660M (I think this is the second most powerful Nvidia mobile card)

12GB of RAM (upgradable to 16 I believe)

1.5 terabyte 7200RPM HDD

And pretty much every port you could think of.

Also there are some alternative specs you could get. This one
has a bit less memory, but a more powerful GPU, and is 100$ cheaper.

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