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Sinjid Lag

Posted Feb 19, '13 at 7:37am



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It lags a lot on my PC. And it has nothing to do with the quality settings. I mean playing it on Medium/High is better than playing it on Low. My PC is Dual Core 2GHz, VGA is 700MB, RAM-2GB. I mean it has to be enough to play a flash game. lol

Anyone else having the same problem?


Posted Feb 22, '13 at 9:48am



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Hi Pinchfire.

Yeah, I completely get what you mean. I've played some high-end games on my PC which require nVidia graphics cards and they work fine on high quality on my computer - I have a Quad Core Phenom 1.8 GHz with 4GB RAM and nvidia GeForce graphics card.

It seems that Sinjid plays fairly well at med/high quality but slower on low. I also get lag with other flash games too.

Basically, you're not the only one :/


Posted Feb 23, '13 at 2:49pm



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sinjid sucks


Posted Mar 9, '13 at 3:04am



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LOL i love how there's like super sophisticated posts then there's just this one guy that's like "sinjid sucks"


well yeah anyways i get the same lag too i mean , i think it's the ads, really. i mean they're flash aren't they ?

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