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The Xbox Infinity

Posted Feb 20, '13 at 9:58pm



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I've heard that Microsoft has bought the rights to the addresses and What have you heard about the next gen Xbox? Just tell me what you've heard and what you think about Microsoft's activity as well as other things that have been going on, having to do with the New Xbox lately.


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 6:40am



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at the launch of this generation sony and microsoft said that this generation would have a lifespan of 10 year. in 2011 they said they still believe in the 10 year lifespan of this generation consoles. so we dont have to expect a new generation untill 2015.

neither of these companies want to release  their console way befor the other.
if they do then they will lose the battle because the competition because the other will be more advanced then the 1st.

also are they not going to give info yet about the next generation because that will show the competition what they have and so they can get over it.


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 4:12pm



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Unlike the Playstation 4, a new version of the Xbox is currently just a rumor. Major Nelson stirred up some excitement a while back on Twitter, so we'll probably hear something at E3. I hope it's not just a bunch of Kinect junk again.


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 6:13pm



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A few years ago I've heard about the Xbox 720 coming out in 2014 or 2016, I'm not sure which one.


Posted Feb 22, '13 at 5:01pm



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Ah, so I am assuming this Xbox Infinity is also known as Xbox 720 yes? Well if so, then I know very little about it other then its names. I've seen articles about the rumored "Xbox 720" but you never know if these rumors are true or not. I've sort of lost faith in rumors ever since the stupid rumors that Windows 8 would emulate Xbox 360 games.

I hope this Xbox 720 wont have the same errors the 360 had, like the "you can't touch the Xbox while its playing a game or it will drill a line in your disk and completely ruin it". I had this happen to me when my sister tried to examine the 360 while I was playing a game and it went down hill from there. The console drilled a perfect circular line through the game disk and ruined it completely, not even the trusted Gamestop disk skip fixer wouldn't fix it. That is a big one on my list. And the ability to transfer saved data from one account to another would be nice too, but I'm sure that would lead to another issue if possible...

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