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Who is Better?

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Posted Feb 22, '13 at 8:41pm



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Jennifer has a crooked eye and Emma has thick eyebrows. They both lose equally.

Also in Winter's Bone

hmmm.. you say?

Posted Feb 22, '13 at 10:14pm



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Any response to my question?


Posted Feb 22, '13 at 10:19pm



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Admiring their beauty is one thing, reducing them to appearance and forming a competition around it is another. You weren't just admiring their beauty, and if you believe you were you need to look a little deeper.

No... He is admiring. He didnt say " which would you rather bang". Stop being a white knight.
Do you not see that this is the problem?

No. It's a normal conversation that men have. He is doing nothing wrong, please get over yourself.
In the way it was expressed in the OP, it most certainly is wrong.

Are you not listening to me? I'm not explain this a third time.
I've haven't seen any of their movies. But same vote as before because I've read the Hunger Games but not the Harry Potter books.

You are a crime against America R2....

Posted Feb 22, '13 at 10:44pm



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:P I am getting this thread locked anyway. We are going way off the topic anyway and people aren't really voting and stuff. I might make a better thread like this later that hopefully people find less offensive.


Posted Feb 22, '13 at 11:39pm



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No. It's a normal conversation that men have. He is doing nothing wrong, please get over yourself.
Yes, it is. Thank you for succinctly demonstrating the problem. It is a normal thing that people do. That's what's so wrong about it. Objectifying people is the norm, and it is wrong. Slavery was once the norm, and it was wrong. Normality doesn't mean it's right. Don't blame victims as you did on page 1 of this thread, and don't accuse Squid of being a "white knight." Honestly, are you insulting someone for having basic moral integrity and acting on it? That has to be one of the most twisted backwards insults I have ever encountered.

Anyway, daleks appears to have altered the methodology of this thread to something far more appropriate and inoffensive. While the opening post was unambiguously offensive, I'm rather convinced that daleks' intentions were benign and that he would be able to manage a thread that wasn't offensive adequately. Amendments to the intention and methods of the thread were handled quickly and positively by daleks. I'll be watching any new threads, of course.

To answer pang's question, we are upset specifically about the objectification of women because that is what this thread was about. We are upset about objectification in general, but gendered objectification is actually worse than egalitarian objectification, and the objectified demographic in this thread was women. So the answer to your question is that it should be trivially obvious as to why we're objecting to the objectification of women specifically.

I'd address points more specifically but I'm tired and this thread looks like it's on its way out. I feel like it was reasonably successful. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back everyone. Except pickpocket :3

Posted Feb 23, '13 at 12:10am



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Because the thread moved onto off-topic tangents from the start, the thread will be locked.

There is a time and place for everything; each debate according to their own topic.

Feel free to make another "Who is Better" thread with the same concepts.