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Posted Feb 21, '13 at 1:16am



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Hey there everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes!(posted in the MMO forum as well)

I'm just letting everyone out here know about a spectacular game called Starpires, it's Made by an indepentant programmer Named Matt Heaton who's allways dreamed of making a new version of the MUD Classic SRE.

At this time there are about 50K players but we need more to help the game grow, so i am reaching out to everyone here to head on over and give it a shot. It's toally free and donation creditcard kids DONT rule the game

I've been playing it for over a year and i've gotta say it's fantasic my grilfriend hates it because i'm allways crouching over the computer conversing with my allies as to which empire we should raid next on our quest for galatic domination. The devolper is ALLWAYS adding new features and improving apon things, the Community manager is allways very swift to help assist players with problem and All in all it's a fraking great game.. i urge you all to give it a shot!


Posted Mar 25, '13 at 11:48pm



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That is an awesome game! You won't regret playing it. It is truly an epic space drama with plots, twists, betrayal, and everything else that will have you playing for hours everyday!

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