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Flash Games and Browsers

Posted Feb 21, '13 at 7:41pm



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I've noticed that "Infectonator 2" runs well in Firefox and lags a ton in Chrome while "Sinjid" lags in Firefox, and is nearly unplayable, but runs fine in Chrome.

Are certain games programmed to be optimized by browser?
(Also, I am using a rather old computer, so I doubt the difference is notciable on faster machines).


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 8:06pm



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Some game engines may work better on different computers. I remember some CS students at one of the colleges I visited remarking that the laptops they got, for being so small, actually ran Source games pretty well. In that case, I wouldn't be surprised if some games did work better on other browsers.

I typically use Opera, with which I rarely have lag in flash games; but then again, this computer is on the higher-end, I suppose.


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 8:42pm



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I always thought Internet Explorer worked the best for any type of game no matter what.


Posted Feb 21, '13 at 9:16pm



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I honestly have no idea. Everything on my computer right now runs like crap.

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