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I didn't even know they exist anymore. I thought they were completely obsolete.
But when I visited AG today, an unexpected window appeared and told me I was the millionth visitor. Isn't that great?

Seriously, what year is this? 2005? I wouldn't mind travelling back in time but the pop-up part of history should not be repeated.
I really thought they were dead. Maybe some weird sites still had them, but how can a professional website still be keeping pop-ups alive?
Do you really want to keep that cancer alive? You should instead be part of the cure, AG. You should know that Newgrounds removed all pop-ups in 2007.

Perhaps I am overreacting a little and making a big deal out of seeing only one pop-up. But still, I thought you should know if you weren't already aware. Has anyone else seen any pop-ups on this site?

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