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Your profile design...

Posted Apr 23, '13 at 5:57pm



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My profile use to be large, detailed, and describe a lot about me. It use to have effects too like moving letters and HTML but I got out of it. Now a days it is just a one sentence thing about what I am thinking about at that moment. I need to make my profiles big again. Its fun.


Posted Apr 23, '13 at 6:30pm



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My profile page is blank. If I add anything to it, the word About appears and gets tangled with my username. It's not a pretty sight.

So one thing I would change if I could is moving the word About over to the right more so it doesn't cause unnecessary interference.


Posted May 6, '13 at 11:23am



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I have new ribbon on my profile!
Terry_The_Disco_King--> it's because you username is too long..

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